Laser Skin Treatments


The Fractional Laser used for Non-Invasive Resurfacing uses an Erbium Glass with 1540nm wave length that splits the laser beam into 1000’s of micro beams to produce micro coagulation of tissue. This stimulates new collagen and elastin fibres without creating any injury to the surface of the skin. Generally, all lasers target chromophores such as water, melanin, haemoglobin and oxyhaemoglobin depending on their wave lengths. However the Fractional Erbium Glass Laser with 1540nm wavelength , targets only water, the majority is found in the Basal Layer and the Dermis, while less than 15% is found in the top Corneous layers. This allows the surface of the skin to remain in-tact, while producing microscopic coagulation of tissue under the horny layers of the skin to a depth of 1.5mm only. The water absorption will use up any extra energy, thus controlling the penetration depth and allowing for safe Non-Invasive treatments.


Lines & Wrinkles

Acne Scars

Aged Skin


Surgical Scars

Enlarged Pores




And More..


Faster Healing with no down time.

No pain, inflammation or infections, as the top layer of the skin is always kept intact.

No anaesthesia or gel is required due to the use of an integrated skin cooler. This ensures painless sessions.

Can be used to safely treat all skin types including dark skins without the risk of hyper-pigmentation.

The appropriate depths for correcting lines & wrinkles, superficial or severe post surgical or acne scars can all be reached with ease.

Side effects are extremely rare.

Can apply healing camouflage make-up immediately after treatment if necessary.

Requires between 3 to 5 treatments for renewed skin texture and colour.

Can be done on selected areas with blemishes or pigmentation, without the risk of demarcation lines.

Even sensitive skins can be treated as you can control the number of passes per session.

Gentle peeling (more like flaking) takes place as the new cell layer resurfaces.

Special Lens array of 8nm or 9nm spot sizes make the treatments quick and provide uniform distribution of heat with contact cooling to overcome any minor prickling sensations.

There is greater flexibility in using various pulse durations and energy fluences for the various sensitive areas treated.

One of the best and quickest methods for treating neck tissues


For the first 24-48 hours after the laser skin treatment, the skin might show a light flush similar to that of sun burn. Healing camouflage make-up can be applied immediately after the treatment. Within 2 weeks, the skin may show a slight bronze appearance which means that the debris are rising to the surface and that a new skin layer is ready to be exposed. The bronze effect will disappear within a week.
Using a Recovery crème with an Epidermal Growth Factor or a serum as a moisturiser all over the treatment area is strongly recommended to help you skin turnover cells quickly and correct any flaws in the mutated or sun damages cells. The crème or serum will encourage a faster regrowth of new rejuvenated layers of the skin.



Dermabrasion is a deep cleanse and exfoliation of the skin to promote cell renewal. It also enhances the penetration of clinical products.


We offer a variety of treatments for all skin types and conditions. Please contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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