Discovery Treatment

A 30 minute express pick me up facial ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

Moisturising Treatment

Intensely moisturising as it restores the water content for supple, soft skin with a healthy glow.

Collagen Soothing and Revitalising

Suitable for dehydrated, dull or sensitive skins. Collagen is know for it’s highly effective moisturising action, the results are immediate, the skin is more supple and the complexion is radiant.

Lifting Intense

Suitable for all skins concerned with the signs of ageing and particularly loss of elasticity. Payot’s Biotechnology provides protection of water cells to reduce water loss, it stimulates blood circulation so the skin hydrated and firmer.

SOS Sensitive

Suitable for sensitive and reaction skin conditions showing signs of irritation, redness and inflammation. Moisturising and nourishing, restores the lipid balance of the skin leaving it soft and protected.

Anti-bacterial Purete Masque

Suitable for healthy oily skins or problem blemished skins. A purifying and healing treatment designed to absorb and reduce excess sebum leaving the skin supple and soft.

Back Treatment

Ideal for oily or pigmented backs.

Eye Treatment

Revitalise your tired eyes with a masque that reduces puffiness and circles. Ideal on it’s own or combined with any facial.