The Original everlasting manicure. Enhance your Nails with a Bio Sculpture Treatment.

Grow your own nails with a non chip finish in Clear, French

Or one of the 100 different fashionable Everlasting Colours.

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Bio-Sculpture Gel – Full Set       – Extensions          1hr                                   $80

                                                                 – Colour                   1hr                                   $90

                                                                 – French                  1hr-15mins                     $100

Bio Sculpture – Full Set               – Sculptured          1hr-15mins                     $120

                                                                   French                 1hr-30mins                    $140

Bio Basic Everlasting Overlay  – Natural Nail        50mins                            $70

                                                              – Colour                   50mins                            $80

                                                              – French                     1hr                                  $95

This treatment is recommended for clients that have healthy strong nails that just want a colour, french or clear finish. Includes a Bio Sculpture Treatment with a Clear, french or Colour non chip Finish – Anti Fungal Treatment, Cuticle work, nail shaping, 4 coat overlay. 

Rebook 2 – 3 Weeks for Bio sculpture treatment    


Basic Pedicure with  Bio Sculpture Gel                 1hr-15mins                      $120

                                           Shellac                                       1hr-15mins                      $90     

Bio Sculpture Gel –  No Pedicure – Colour             1hr                                     $80

                                                                  – Shellac            45mins                             $70

Bio Sculpture Gel / Shellac Removal                       15-30min                        $15/20     


Manicure – Natural Nail – polish only  – Colour                                            $50 – French                                           $60